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According to burglary statistics, 77% of the US crimes are property crimes, with further suggestions that there is at least a burglary each day. According to statistics, this number has been declining over the years. Sadly, its effects are not, and many victims struggle to deal with it. You can either safeguard yourself or leave everything to chance. If the latter is not an option, then you should check out these four ways to protect your home from intruders. 

  • A simple timer can save your home

Like bullies, intruders are opportunists who are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities to exploit without getting caught. However, any little challenge is enough to discourage them. Though some burglars will observe your home a few times before attacking, most do not as they are just looking for cheap money. A house that appears unoccupied is a haven for intruders. You can protect your home by just keeping the lights, your radio, or television on. One simple yet useful tool to use is a timer that automatically turns on your lights or other devices in the home. 

  • Get a safe 

According to several security experts, break-ins usually last between eight and twelve minutes. One knock on the door might be enough to ascertain if there is somebody home. After that, it is just about finding a way in. Hiding your valuables in your home could well increase the time spent by the intruder in your home, but it is just a matter of time before they locate them. So, consider investing in a safe or two, as it will not cost anything as compared to getting robbed. Keep the one with your valuables hidden and use the other as a decoy. For the latter, you might store whatever you please but do keep it somewhere plausible. 

  • Strengthen your boundaries

Your home garden presents a good entry point for intruders and also provides spots to block prying eyes. It likewise tends to offer more tools for burglars to complete their assignments. So, ensure your fences are well maintained. As a matter of security, avoid fences that come with designs that make it easier for grips and footholds. You might as well top it up with design trellis or a raising bush. Austex Fence & Deck offers the best professional support and fencing alternatives to meet your home needs. 

  • Store away your ladders and tools 

It is fair to say that no burglar or intruder wants to be caught in the act or even look suspicious, otherwise, they might wear a veil for proper display. Therefore, most robbers utilize tools and accessories available in a victim’s home to perpetrate their crimes. For example, ladders are dangerous to leave lying around as they can be used to get access to the upper floors or windows in your home. Therefore, do well to pack away ladders and items like hammers, chisels, and trowels, which can be used as accessories. These items are mostly left around after a day’s job by workmen. Neatly packing and storing in secured places is a must to forestall any issue.   

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