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In our Raising Money Savvy Kids series, we talked a little bit about how to teach kids to save money.

This is a good skill to have and certainly one that I could use a little help with too. Not that I don’t save money, I do. Just that I could be doing better with it or putting it towards something practical like a retirement fund.

I also want to set up a special needs trust fund for Sweet B.

But how can we teach kids to save money?

Money may be given as a gift for a birthday, holiday, or other special occasion. Maybe your child receives an allowance or they could be old enough to have their first job.

For older kids, you could certainly go through the process of setting up a savings account while for younger kids, a piggy bank might be a great idea. Personally, I love the idea of a piggy bank at any age but that might just be me. Here are 3 fun and easy piggy bank ideas for kids (that might also work for older kids and adults, too).

A piggy bank is such a fun way to save money! Here are 3 fun and easy piggy bank ideas for kids.

For that matter, you could use these ideas to set up a family piggy bank. Or you could set up a 52 week saving challenge if you really want to see how much you can possibly save.

Piggy banks are an awesome tool in helping to teach your child about the value and management of money. Instead of going out and buying a generic piggy bank, try making your own. It’s a fun craft that you and your child can take part in together.

Listed below are different homemade piggy bank ideas for you to try.

Fun and Easy Piggy Bank Ideas for Kids

1. Spend, Save, Give Piggy Bank

For this DIY piggy bank, all you’ll need is three Mason jars, some wood, a saw to cut three circles in the wood, and some tags to write on.

First, cut the three holes into the wood. You’ll want the holes to be the same size as the opening of the Mason jar. Ensure that you (the parent) is the one to cut the holes. You can paint the wood to your child’s desired color if preferred.

Then, once the holes are cut, you and your child can slip the three Mason jar openings into the hole.

The third step is to label the three Mason jars with the words Spend, Save, and Give.

This type of a piggy bank will help keep your child organized and aware of how to manage their money.

For a fun twist on the Mason jar piggy bank, try making a Superhero Bank.

2. Eco-Friendly Piggy Bank

For this DIY, you’ll need an empty plastic bottle, a knife to cut a slit in the top, and things to decorate the bank with.
First, take the empty plastic bottle and cut a slit on the side big enough to fit all coins and dollar bills through. Be sure that you (the parent) is the one to do this.

Then, let your child decorate it the way they want with the arts and crafts material. They can make the bottle into a pig, or simply do as they please with it.

This super-easy piggy bank is meant for your child to see their money grow with each new “deposit” and learn how valuable money is. The piggy bank also teaches your child how to be eco-friendly and to reuse any materials available.

You can also use an old diaper wipe container or an empty (and cleaned) baby snack food container.

3. “Feed Daily” Piggy Bank

For this DIY, you’ll need an old piggy bank you may have lying around and some paint.

Take the old piggy bank that you have and paint over it to give it a new appearance. Then, in a different color paint, write on the piggy bank (once dry), “Feed Daily”. This will encourage your child to “feed” the bank and get them to understand the importance of saving as much money as they can.

3 fun and easy piggy bank ideas

Piggy banks are a great place for little ones to keep all their money.

It provides them with a place to keep their money organized and well managed. Making your very own piggy bank also provides your child with a sense of creativity and eco-friendliness. It’s important to teach children these key lessons. When making your own piggy bank, it’s like you’re killing two birds with one stone.

No matter what age you are, piggy banks are such a fun way to save money! Here are 3 fun and easy piggy bank ideas for kids.
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7 years ago

We have a piggy bank for the kids too! They don’t feed it daily but whenever we have spare change they like to drop the coins in 🙂