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Have you decided that it is time to upgrade to a bigger and better property? If so, you will need to sell your current home and often you will want to get this done quickly and effectively but it’s good to know the best online tips to make the most of. 

Online advertising

Online marketing, allows you to appeal to a wider audience and people outside your regular town and city, which means potential buyers will have quicker access to you. This could be via the likes of social media but you should ensure that your home is advertised virtually everywhere!  

When it comes to online marketing you should look at free online listing websites and have the right agent to help you with this, even if it is on Facebook and Twitter.  Even blogs could help you! An advert in both a newspaper and/or local newspapers can be beneficial and you could look at posting in local shop windows.  

Catching the eye of the public 

There is a lot to think of when you’re moving home. Packing up your old things, thinking about buying a new home and of course looking at the fees for moving. With interstate removalists, you can make this all a little easier but when it comes to selling your home, you want to also make it as carefree as possible.

If you are looking at selling your home online, you are selling the lifestyle and style of your home, not just your walls, floors, curtains and furniture so use descriptive language and be sure that you meet all the requirements for a good advert, you can look for further inspiration, in magazines and property listings! 

What image makes people click? 

The main image you use of your property on websites and portals is so important because it is the first thing people see and hopefully they will want to see more.  But what makes a really good images? Lifestyle photos are an excellent option, showing how you can live in the home and highlighting the features of the home. You could set your dining table with a beautiful dinner set or food and drink, or the best way you can make your bedroom look. Be organized

Be creative and make the viewer want to click on your property to find out more! 

Sell and show your neighborhood! 

When marketing your home, you have to go above and beyond and share what is beyond your property. What town do you live in? Is it good for schools and jobs with a good economy? You are actually selling the entire neighborhood also because people want to live in a nice area, not just in a beautiful home. Is the crime rate low? Sell the neighborhood and show why it’s such a good place to live. 

You may want to provide the buyer with any information such as leaflets or flyers, relevant magazine information, newspapers and anything that may provide relevant information. The viewers will then be more attracted to your home and the life they can enjoy being in your neighborhood with their family and pets.

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Look at the testimonials and be sure to market it all well. 

When you search for a company or product online you will read reviews in order to get an honest overview of the item you are considering buying. Your home really is the same and good testimonials can really go a long way and it’s a good way to sell the home. 

Ask friends and neighbors to write good testimonials for you to use as they will be their new neighbors and it’s good to get an idea of who’s living near you and be sure you can get some good variation. Show the character of the main bedroom or living room and get people to write about any interesting stories about the area too which will stir up some interest. Anything that’s interesting to the area will help. 

Fantastic ways of using Social Media to sell your home

Most people’s favorite social media websites are probably Facebook and Instagram, closely followed by Pinterest and Twitter.  Pinterest is a social media site that is based on photographs as is Instagram and after all this is what sells homes well. So here are some tips on what to look at:

  •         Travel on the journey together – Pinterest allows you to create different boards filled with pictures and you will be able to think about each room separately and share what is so good about the space. 

 Re-pinning This allows you to Connect with the Pinterest community and other people can share your photos which is beneficial to you and getting the word out about your property. 

Create incredible descriptions – Pinterest is all about photos, but you need to make sure the descriptions are really good and using the right keywords to promote you home the best way. 

Using YouTube to sell your home – YouTube, can present people with a great opportunity to see inside your home and see what could become of it with a lick of paint or a change of furniture, and inspire buyers also. Video marketing is such a huge aspect of business now so this is certainly going to help you with your home. You can give people a good insight into your home as quickly as possible. A virtual tour of your house will be incredibly effective and it will give people a look straight away into your home.  

Selling your home can be difficult and it can take time so be sure to be patient, sometimes it can take months or years to seal a deal so it’s important to keep positive and keep up with your marketing, which will aid your efforts. Talk closely with your agent and be sure that they are doing all they can also.

So there you have it, a plethora of tips to help you get started on your home selling journey – this is only the beginning!

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