11 Indoor and Outdoor Frugal Family Activities for the Winter

As we’re in the midst of Winter, and if you’re in the Northeast then you’re probably ready for winter to be over, I wanted to start a new seasonal series. Every two or three months, we’ll start presenting a list of free or almost free frugal family activities that you can do. Sometimes the list will be outdoor ideas, sometimes they’ll be indoor ideas. But for the most part, it will involve stuff that’s nearby or that you may already have on hand. The point to this series is: you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun as a family. And since we’re striving to be more frugal, we’re happy to share whatever we come up with in terms of frugal…

Yoga for Kids (and adults, too!)

I’ll have another post up soon about all of the components that we’re using for our afterschooling program, and today I wanted to share another part of it. Sweet B does receive adapted physical education time as a part of her IEP. They have a nice gym at her school with adaptive equipment available. She also goes bowling on the weekends and will soon start taking part in swimming lessons. One of the other ways we get our physical activity and gross motor play in, is by adding in a board game to our afterschooling routine. But this isn’t just your average board game- this one promotes yoga for kids (and adults, too!).