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Do you remember your first car buying experience? What was it like? How did you prepare for it ahead of time?

Sometimes, even with all of the preparation and research beforehand, buying a car can be incredibly stressful. For our family, however, this is something that we need to face in the near future. We’re hoping that the experience will be as stress free as possible. We are bringing you a few tips for how to reduce the stress of buying a car.


At this point in time, we are a one car family. It suits our needs perfectly fine and we don’t really have the need (yet) for another vehicle. But, the car that we do have could use some love.

We have also talked about getting a newer car in the near future.

However, there are several factors to consider before buying a newer car. These include knowing about the Service to protect your car from rust or corrosion, engine maintenance costs, and more. Considering these factors, you can ensure a more pleasurable and worry-free car ownership experience. Furthermore, don’t let the fear of after-expenses discourage purchasing a car


There are a number of things that you can do to get the car that you want for much less. Simple and a bit more complex, these tips will help you to save money in the long run. Buying a car can be affordable.

5 Tips for Saving Money On Your Next Car

Here are five tips for saving money on your next car purchase.

1. Get your financing in order before you leave to look at cars.

While many car dealerships are offering financing for vehicles, this can be one of the more costly options. Make sure you talk to online financing companies, your local bank and your credit union. You probably will save a good amount of money here. By using the Capital One’s Auto Navigator®, you can even find out if you pre-qualify for auto financing at no risk to your credit score.

You can also find out your financing options by comparing different term lengths, prices, and vehicles.

The Capital One’s Auto Navigator® will also show you estimated monthly payments and APR rates on the cars you chose.

2. Do the down payment.

Even a bit of a down payment can help you to save considerably down the road. You can save a good deal of money if you invest wisely. But, adding a bit of a down payment to the purchase will help to lower the amount of principal that you actually owe on that vehicle purchase.

3. If your credit is bad, get a co signer.

Having someone else that can help you to get your car is a great way to secure a vehicle for a more affordable price. This helps to lower the amount of risk that you present to the car financer. The lower the amount of risk you prove to be, the better your chances of paying less for that car.

4. Trade-ins are good too.

If you have a car that you plan to trade in, you may be able to get a good price for it. To improve the amount you get, make sure that the car is as clean as possible, is running well and has been taken care of. In addition to this, make sure that you know the value of it by looking it up on the web. Know what its worth so you do not get taken. The value of the trade in will lower the amount you have to have financed on your vehicle.

5. Shop around and haggle.

There is no shame in saving money. Dealers are selling cars to make a commission. How much will they make off of you? Do your homework out the type of car you are looking for and know its worth. Look at several dealerships to find the right car at the right price. Don’t forget to haggle with the dealership salesmen. But, whatever you do, do not be insulting to them. That’s the wrong way to get your price down.

Bonus tip! Check out for more options.

Take these five ways to save on the next time you buy a car and you will walk way with the benefits that you deserve. You can save a good amount of financing and interest charges this way.


How would the the Capital One’s Auto Navigator® help you with finding your next car?

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7 years ago

We just bought a car a couple months ago and everything that you mentioned above is exactly how we did it. First I found out how much money we could afford and then we had to hold until they came down to the number I can live with.

Lisa Bristol
Lisa Bristol
7 years ago

I was so stressed out the last time we bought a car. I will have to follow these tips the next time we decide to do it.

7 years ago

These are such great tips. It can be very stressful buying a car, or anything expensive. I need to get a new car at some point, but I’m not exactly looking forward to that.

Liz Mays
7 years ago

My boyfriend just bought a car so that I wouldn’t have to do it. I’m so glad he went through the haggling instead of me!

Mistee Dawn
7 years ago

Buying a car is so super stressful. These are really great tips. Thanks for the help.