How to Plan a Budget Friendly Fall Vacation

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Do you like to travel?

When I was younger, one of my career dreams was to be a travel agent. And while that never really panned out, traveling is something that I do enjoy. Mostly, anyway. We can’t really afford to travel a lot so we try to plan as many local and one-day trips as possible. That way we feel like we’re going somewhere and doing something without spending a lot of money.

The northeast is absolutely beautiful during the Fall. The weather is ideal and with the leaves changing, there’s plenty to see and do.

But what about traveling elsewhere? Here are a few ideas to plan a budget friendly fall vacation.

Traveling during the fall can actually save you quite a bit of money. Here are a few ideas for how to plan a budget friendly fall vacation.

Why you should plan a fall vacation

For most people, fall is the time of year when the evenings get colder, the days become shorter, the foliage change color and the year heads quickly toward the cold wintry weather months.

Fall is the time when the children are going back to school and eager travelers are no longer visioning of coastline resort towns.

For the clever budget traveler, however, the fall season provides some tremendous opportunities for reduced prices, tiny crowds and a whole better vacation price. The very items mentioned above make fall a wonderful time for budget minded travelers to go to some of the best known resorts and take pleasure in reduced prices on airfares, rental cars, restaurants and resort rooms.

Every vacation location has its own high and low season, but the fall of the year has the benefit of being the off season for both summer and winter locations.

For instance, whereas winter is the high season for towns with best ski resorts and other wintry weather destinations, the mountain locations of these resorts regularly mean that skiing and other activities are offered in late fall, while costs for lodging, meals and rental cars are still reduced.

As we continue, we will take a look at how this information can be implemented in ways to stay within your budget.

Likewise, resorts and travel destinations that benefit from huge popularity in the summer months are still rather pleasurable, and regularly more so, in the autumn of the year.

For instance, fall provides such benefits as cooler temperatures and smaller crowds in addition to reduced prices. The same restaurant at which reservations were hopeless to come by in the active summer months may all of a sudden be obtainable in the fall, and that costly summer resort room may be rather affordable once summer has finished.

When looking for the greatest possible deal on autumn travel, it is important to carefully study your particular destination. Whereas fall is the off season for most locations, this is not valid for every destination. Be certain that there really are better values in the fall season before booking your trip.

It is also essential to assess the weather, including typical temperatures and typical rainfall levels, for your fall travel destination. After all, reduced fall prices will do you no good if rain or uncomfortable temperatures spoil your long anticipated vacation.

If the typical temperature and precipitation levels are to your taste, it is time to begin shopping for the perfect autumn travel deals.

The apparent first place to begin researching for most people is the internet. There are a number of very good web sites and newsgroups dedicated to the best in budget travel, and they are a great place to begin.

It is also important to begin planning ahead of time for your fall vacation. While the warm of summer is still around, be certain to begin searching for the best fall deals. Airlines regularly begin promoting their reduced fall airfares while summer is still in full swing, and it is essential to act swiftly to get the most reduced fares.

how to plan a budget friendly fall vacation

More Ideas for Inexpensive Fall Vacations

There are a number of special things going on to capitalize on plus summer venues still looking for the last of the tourist dollar.

Top summer destinations are usually great fall bargains. The weather can still be gorgeous and the crowds gone. Take a look at Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard during this time. Hawaii is typically a bargain in September. The summer crowds clear out and there are a few months before the holiday crowds start to come in.

Look to Europe during this time, too. Many cities emptying out from the summer tourist crush are still hungry for visitors. Weather can be great and look for special deals on packages that combine airfare, hotel and transfers plus a tour or two. Colder European destinations can be a special bargain and look for great deals to Russia and Scandinavia around this time of year.

For other ideas look to re-positioning cruises.

This is when cruises lines move their ships around to follow the sun. Most people want to cruise to the warmest, most pleasant regions of the world. Ships float and therefore they can pick up and just move from one side of the world to another to follow the sun.

Most Alaska, Europe, Mediterranean and Bermuda cruises, for instance, are offered in the summer when the weather is the best in those regions. For cruises to South America, the preferred time is winter (our winter, when it’s summertime in the southern hemisphere).

The Caribbean is warm year-round, though since hurricane season stretches from June through November, the optimal time to cruise the islands is winter and spring, though many ships are there year-round. In Asia, since much of the cruising region is near or just north of the equator, temps are very warm year round, though the wintertime months are slightly more comfortable.

To be in all of these places at the right time, ships re-position from one region to another, typically between seasons, during the months of September and October and April and May.

These one-off oddball itineraries are called re-positioning cruises and they’re often deeply discounted because most don’t include a whole lot of port calls. Many are two to three weeks in length, with a long, lazy stretch at sea crossing the Atlantic, Pacific or Indian oceans — perfect for people who don’t need too much action, though many lines feature guest lecturers and special entertainment and activities revolving around music, food, wine or other topics.

You’ll find some re-positioning cruises that don’t include crossing over vast oceans and therefore offer more ports of call — for example, when ships move between the Caribbean and New England/Canada, stopping at points on the eastern coast of the US along the way. There are a slew of options.

Get the most for your dollar and travel in the fall.

Do you enjoy traveling? Why not consider a vacation in the fall! Here are a few budget friendly fall travel ideas for you to consider.
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