When I first started this blog, as it was known prior, I had no clear direction as to what I was going to post about and it became a potpourri of posts. While there’s nothing wrong with that, having at least some sort of plan definitely helps. It was for that reason, that I also started my “blogging for beginners” series which was intended to be a weekly series of tips and tricks related to blogging and social media. As the old saying goes, however, best laid plans go to waste.

I have a problem with consistency or at least finding the time to be consistent when it comes to blogging. Yes, it’s a piece of advice that I’ve often given out to others and I really should practice what I preach! I’m also realistic enough to know that there are just some things that I cannot commit to but I don’t want to give up on them fully. So instead of committing to that weekly series, I’m gathering up all of my blogging and social media posts here as a guide of sorts on how to start your own blog.

Are you thinking of starting a blog? Here are my tips and tricks for how to start your own blog.

Of course I won’t be sharing absolutely everything here because I intend to save some of that for my new site that will be opening in the late summer of this year. But, I still have quite a few posts here that I won’t be moving over when the new site opens.

So why should you follow my advice over others? Really that’s a matter of personal preference. I’m not a blogging expert but I am an experienced blogger. Yes, the site is relatively young but I’ve been at this blogging thing since 2003. I don’t say that to brag but sometimes I do have to wonder where I would be if I had stuck with it from the get go. I remember having to handcode my HTML and installing Grey Matter. I’ve used Moveable Type, LiveJournal, Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, etc. So, in that sense, I am experienced when it comes to blogging. Am I an expert? No. I find it hard to believe that there are experts or gurus though I’m not doubting that they do exist. Highly knowledgeable in their field or on a certain aspect? Absolutely. I have my list of personal favorites when it comes to the go-to for advice and tips in blogging. I’ll have that post up sometime soon, I promise!

Let’s dive in!

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Be sure to check back regularly for updates to this page and happy blogging!

Are you thinking of starting a blog but unsure of how to begin? Here are just a few tips and tricks for how to start your own blog.