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Over the last twenty years, it seems that the world has suddenly started to advance at brand new rates. With this advancement, we have seen incredible moves forward in technology and most importantly, medicine and research.

Today we are going to be looking at the beauty behind some of this research and how it now shows that some of the items we use every day, may actually be doing us more harm than good.

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Non-Stick Pans

One of the staples of most homes is the glory of non-stick pots and pans. Almost every home you can think of has at least one and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t have them, they are incredibly easy to keep clean.

While they may be the ultimate convenience to have in the home, they are, in fact, thought to be quite dangerous. The coating that makes the surface non-stick polytetrafluoroethylene is actually thought to be quite toxic.

When heated, the coating emits a gas that if ingested in large amounts has been shown to cause cancer, and it can also pose other significant health risks.

A Lot Of Bathroom Products

While we know there has been a lot of talk over certain deodorants and antiperspirants over the years, it seems that there were many other things in the bathroom that we need to raise some caution over.

One of the most shocking among them is talcum powder. There have been some rather significant court cases lately around people who have been injured from using talcum powder.  

Another bathroom product that is thought to be dangerous is toilet bowl cleaners. A lot of the time when people clean the bathroom, they use many different products, and this can be quite dangerous. When the toilet bowl cleaner is mixed with other chemicals, it’s acidity level rises, and it can cause quite painful burns.

Air Fresheners

Another item that is prominent in homes all over the world is air freshener. While many people use it quite frequently, it seems that a lot of the users have not seen some of the warnings that may come on the back of the bottle.

Studies have shown that some of the toxins found in air fresheners will accumulate in the body over a prolonged period of use, and this use has been found to have dramatic effects on the reproductive system.

Some Antibacterial Soaps

The final household item that you may not realize may be doing more harm than good is antibacterial soap. Now, we know that many households all over the world have scrapped bars of soap and replaced them with antibacterial handwash, but it seems that this could be a mistake.

Antibacterial soap uses something called triclosan and triclocarban to help rid your hands of all of those little nasties. According to the FDA, there is a thought that the use of both of these may be linked to the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

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