As a mom of three extraordinary children, I’ve had to learn how to speak up for them to make sure that things were being done.

From my beginning as a teenage mom of a premature child..

To my next stage as a mom of a non-verbal autistic child..

And to my next stage as a mom of a gifted/spirited child..

All while trying to balance my own needs, run a household, and a business?

I needed a set of toolkits.

This toolkit is the Special Needs Advocacy Toolkit and the sole purpose? To get you ready for your IFSP or IEP meeting.

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This special needs advocacy toolkit features resources that will help you with:

  • Setting clear IEP goals
  • Accommodation Suggestions
  • 12 Steps to a Successful IEP Meeting
  • 4 Essential Skills that All Advocates Need

All the things that I struggled with when it came to IEP meetings and the special education process? This toolkit will help.