How to Make a Chalk Handprint Turkey for Thanksgiving

How to Make a Chalk Handprint Turkey for Thanksgiving

As Squeaker’s tolerance for craft and art time increases, I look for more ways to incorporate that into our day. We’re pretty relaxed when it comes to doing crafts and activities though on occasion, I don’t mind doing themed/holiday crafts. And while I’m more than ready to dive into Christmas, I also realize that we needed to do some stuff for Thanksgiving. This is our first year really celebrating Halloween with Squeaker and this year will be the first year that I really involve her with Christmas. So what do we do for Thanksgiving? Well, aside from having her help with a few cooking tasks, we can do decorations. We started with a simple chalk handprint turkey craft to go along with our K-Cup turkey….

30 Handprint Fall Art and Craft Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I’m not sure why, but there’s something particularly wonderful about handprint art. Especially if you’re doing the same or similar project year after year, then you can really see the difference in your child’s growth. We’re just starting to do more handprint art and craft projects with Squeaker, so I went searching for a few that we could do for Fall. I found 30 handprint fall art and craft ideas to try at home with her and I’m sure that you’ll love them just as much I do! 30+ Handprint Fall Art Ideas for Kids You’ll find quite a few tree ideas, but there are also some acorns, sunflowers, and wreaths. I wanted to have some variety but I did leave out Fall holidays like…

Handprint and Pom Pom Apple Tree

We’re definitely getting into the arrival of Fall (and the early apples at the Farmer’s market). Last week we shared an easy toilet paper stamping apple art project and this week we have another hands-on fun activity. It’s Squeaker’s first time doing anything handprint related with paint, though we’ve done a few handprint projects by tracing. I wasn’t too sure how she’d like it, but once I showed her what to do, she really got into it. Then, of course, she looked at her hands then at me and asked “What did you do?” Still, she had a lot of fun making this handprint and pom pom apple tree. Next time we do this, I’ll have different colored pom poms for variety. This post makes…