I remember when my daughter was initially diagnosed with autism so many years ago. My life changed in so many ways and in so many ways that I could never even begin to imagine.

I poured myself into finding resources, information, and support.

I searched endlessly for answers.

Often, my searches would end in frustration or in information that just lead me on a wild goose chase.

I hope to help you avoid that with this autism parenting toolkit. 

autism parenting toolkit rectangle

This autism parenting toolkit features resources that will help you with:

  • Parenting an Autistic Child
  • Finding Time for Self Care
  • Homemaking Help

All the things that I struggled with? This toolkit will help you avoid that overwhelm. This toolkit will help to alleviate some of that stress.

Inside the Autism Parenting Toolkit

For more details on the toolkit, here’s a brief overview.

  • Two eBooks
  • 4 blog posts (in PDF format for you to download and print)
  • 6 printable resources (my most popular including the Daily Routine Printable)
  • My Daily Gratitude Journal
  • Self Care Assessment Worksheet

You are also getting instant access to my coping strategies for parents masterclass — a four part interview series.