Life Strategist: Kori C. Tomelden

As a late diagnosed autistic ADHDer, I help and support autistic and/or ADHDer women go from surviving to thriving in a world that was not set up to support them.

The Embrace Your Extraordinary Coaching Program

Self Discovery

Using the 12 Pillars of Self framework, restore your sense of self through this powerful transformational process

One on one sessions

1:1 attention through Zoom and Voxer support

Empowered Mindset

Overcome your self-doubts and Imposter Syndrome

Customized Strategies

Actionable and implementable strategies to use throughout all areas of your life

About the Program

As a late diagnosed Autistic ADHDer raising a neurodiverse family? I understand that you are overwhelmed with juggling so many things. Often, we think, if I could only manage my time or my emotions better– everything else will fall into place.


But, there’s so much more that goes into it.


And that’s where I come in.