Warm Meatball Salad Recipe

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So you may have recalled my confession about my obsession with easy meatball recipes, right? Well, I took that a little bit further and decided that I was going to make myself a meatball salad. This was one of the few things that Kyle was skeptical about but he still was adventurous enough to try it. Next time I make it though, I already know a few changes that I’ll make. But, for now, I want to share my meatball salad recipe that you can enjoy warm or cold.

Need another recipe for those meatballs? Try this meatball salad recipe.

The biggest challenge, for me, was figuring out what my greens were going to be and if I wanted to use pasta or not. As you can see, I did up using pasta, but if you’d rather not- you can definitely omit it from your salad.

One of my favorite things about this meatball salad recipe is that it’s easy and for me, it was only five ingredients. Six counting the meatballs, but it was all ingredients that I already had on hand. This was also a minimal prep recipe which is another huge plus for me. Some days, while I definitely don’t mind cooking, there are also days that I’d just rather throw a few things together and be done with it.

Let’s get to that recipe!


As I mentioned, I can already think of a few changes that I’d like to make. While I don’t mind asiago at all, I think next time I’ll give it more of a Greek twist and use Feta cheese instead and maybe some black or green olives. Still, I think that this turned out delicious and it was a great way to use up some of those meatballs.

One of my other favorite things about this meatball salad recipe? The next day, when cold, it still tasted pretty good.

Have you ever made a meatball salad? How did it turn out?

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Jerry Marquardt
5 years ago

This meatball salad looked so delicious. I am going to go ahead and try this out during this week. Thanks for this great recipe idea.

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