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Autistic children thrive with routines and predictability.


As a parent of a non-speaking autistic child, I have learned this first hand.


Sometimes the hard way.


But it became more of a matter of altering the environment to better work for my daughter.


Whether it’s at home or school, my autistic child benefits from visual schedules.

It may seem like common sense. At least for me. I’ve come to know that my daughter is more of a visually oriented person.


Part of that has to do with her being non-speaking and using sign language or PECS to communicate her wants and needs. But, what has worked at school in terms of using a visual schedule with PECS, has not always worked at home.


But how, exactly, do visual schedules benefit autistic children?


  • They provide a visual base for a routine and structure. You can show them when something is going to happen rather than just telling them when something is going to happen.
  • Visual schedules help take some of the surprise out of the day by implementing predictability. Of course, while you cannot control everything, a visual schedule can be of great help if your daily routines don’t vary too much from day to day.
  • Visual schedules can help increase independence by giving the autistic child control. By having a representation of what’s going to happen and when; they might be able to perform activities more independently over time.


Visual schedules have been incredibly beneficial for my non-speaking autistic daughter. They have provided structure, routine, and predictability.


Three things that help her avoid meltdowns.

We implement and utilize visual schedules for almost everything.


If it can be created into a visual schedule, then chances are that we’ve done it.


From a morning routine to a bedtime routine, to a school day routine, to a mealtime routine; visual schedules have played an important part in our lives.


When you combine several visual schedules together you can help your autistic child manage different parts of their day. This may seem a bit excessive (to you) at first. But for your child? You are providing them with the gift of predictability.


Imagine: knowing what was going to happen and when it was going to happen.


Imagine: not having to second guess your schedule or order of events.


Those are just two of the things that you are giving to your autistic child when you implement visual schedules.

The Ultimate Autism Printable Bundle

The ultimate collection of printable resources so that you can implement visual schdules with ease, identify meltdown triggers, and organize your home and family life.

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