Asian Woman Suffering From Depression Sitting On Bed Are you consumed with self-doubt and questioning everything you do when it comes to parenting a non-verbal autistic child? Are you exhausted with all of the information that seemingly leads to nowhere? Do you feel defeated and like you can never do enough? Are all of the things stressing you out and just making you feel worse?

Want the knowledge of an expert, with the guidance of a mentor, and the support of a community? That’s exactly what you’re getting in the Autism Parenting Circle.

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The Circle starts and ends with you but along the way? We are constantly learning, constantly improving, and the circle itself is continuous.

Parenting a Nonverbal autistic child comes with a unique set of challenges- I get it. I’m a mom of a nonverbal autistic teenage girl.

With the basic level of the Autism Parenting Circle you are getting instant access to the autism parenting video vault along with actionable trainings on the following areas:

  • Behaviors
  • Special Education
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Routines and Schedules

And you will get monthly training on a selected topic that includes:

  • A monthly live session in the community group ($100 value)
  • A complimentary monthly group coaching call ($200 value)
  • A pre-recorded workshop with accompanying workbook ($100 value)

All of this for starting at only $20/month OR $200/year (if paid in full- you are getting TWO MONTHS for free). But this special price is only available during this window. After that it will increase to $45/month or $450/year.

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Want more support?

You would be more than okay with just the Basic Membership. But, if you are looking for more support, if you need that next level of connection? Then the VIP Membership is where you need to be. Not only are you getting more training, but you are also getting more access to me.

In fact? The only ways to work with me 1:1 will be through this membership and at certain times of the year when I open my 1:1 coaching slots and/or group coaching programs.

VIP Members also get:

  • An additional pre-recorded workshop on the monthly topic ($100 value)
  • An additional monthly group coaching call ($200 value)
  • Weekly office hours on Voxer ($300 value)
  • A monthly 1:1 coaching call ($500 value)
  • The Autism Mom Planner ($20 value)

To lock in the founding member’s price of $35/month or $350 for the year (2 months free), you must enroll before the window closes. After that, the price will increase to $60/month or $600/year.

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Find the perfect plan for you.


$ 20 / Month
  • Instant Access
  • Monthly Group Call
  • Monthly Training Bundle
  • Monthly Live
  • Extra Support
  • Extra Training
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$ 35 / Month
  • Everything in BasicPLUS
  • Additional Training ($100 Value)
  • Monthly 1:1 Call ($500 value)
  • Weekly Office Hours ($300 value)
  • Additional Group Coaching Call ($200 value)
  • Welcome Box ($200 value)
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