Are you overwhelmed in homemaking?

Stressed out as a parent?

I want to invite you to:

Reduce the overwhelm at home

Reclaim the joy in parenting

and live your best life.

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The mission and purpose of Kori at Home

I would love to tell you that I have it all together or that I enjoy every single day. But the truth is? Inside, I’m more of a mess than I’m ever willing to let on.

I have a few mental health issues, I have food allergies that limit my diet (or at least have to keep me in line) – and there are days that I find myself in endless power struggles with my youngest child.

Not to mention worrying about the future of my autistic daughter.

Or keeping up with the every day housework.

Or wanting to contribute financially without having to work outside of the home.

Even if this doesn’t describe you exactly, I want to connect with you.

How can I best help you? Well, that really depends on what you’re looking for or where you need help!

I would also invite you to join: Reclaiming the Joy

A free Facebook group (And growing community) – we are committed to reclaiming the joy in life and living our best lives.

What happened to the linky parties?

If you are here looking for Inspire Me Monday, I am no longer co-hosting this linky party. It was a lot of fun while it lasted though! You can link up to Inspire Me Monday starting at 9AM EST on any of these blogs:

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I am also no longer actively co-hosting Turn It Up Tuesday


Reducing the Overwhelm of Motherhood:


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