Get your Autism Family Life Toolkit

Are you ready to set up a routine and schedule that works for you and your family?

Looking for a solution that will not only work with but also support your autism and ADHD?

Wanting to establish routines and structure for your autistic children?

The Autism Family Life toolkit helps you to do just that.

I’m Kori and I’m so excited to have you here today at Kori at Home. If you’re looking for those easy recipes, fun kids activities, and homemaking tips to simplify motherhood and bring back the joy? I am here to help.

And along the way, let’s look for the ways to reclaim the joy of motherhood and find your why of motherhood.

Reclaiming the Joy of Motherhood

How to Connect with Your Why of Motherhood

What is your why of motherhood?

This why of motherhood is what will become your compass and your centering affirmation for when you feel like you are about to lose control. And just remember: motherhood isn’t always perfect.

Reducing the Overwhelm of Motherhood