Easy and Simple Every Day Play

Squeaker turned a year old on December 5th and while I’ve seen different criteria for classifying a child of her age; we alternate between calling her an older baby or a toddler (… toddling terror, to be specific). She is walking and walking quite well, and she uses walking as her primary form of movement. …

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Baby Games & Books: Peek a boo

We’re starting a new feature of School with Squeaker- designed for babies and toddlers called: Baby Games and Books Each part of the series will focus on a game to play with babies, variations of that game (if possible), related books, and YouTube videos (if possible) that are related to the theme. Interacting with your …

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One of the foundations for our homeschool experience is reading. I try to read to my youngest 20 minutes a day if not more. Here are a few of our favorite books for babies that we still enjoy.

Books for Babies

When I first made the decision to stay at home with Squeaker, I also knew that it would mean not sending her to daycare. I was perfectly okay with this and to be honest, daycare just wasn’t something that we could afford. Most, if not all, of my income would go towards daycare expenses and …

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