Free Printable I Need Cards for Autistic Children to Use

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If your child needs assistance communicating their wants and needs, try these free printable I Need cards for autistic children. Including a few to get your started with several blank variations to make more. These cards are the latest addition to my free visual printables for autistic children and their caregivers.

How to Use the I Need Printable Cards

Most children, when they reach a certain age, are able to clearly communicate their wants and needs. For autistic children, however, this can be difficult. In some instances, they might be non-speaking. They might already use PECS or American Sign Language, but sometimes it’s easier to use printable cards like these. 

That way, they can clearly communicate what it is they need and hopefully to the right person if these are being used at school. 

Some of the I Need cards include calming strategies:

  • I need to leave
  • I need a break
  • I need music

Some of the I Need cards are more for functional things:

  • I need food
  • I need a snack
  • I need a drink
  • I need my iPad

And, because I can’t make a completely comprehensive list without making it more personal, you’re also getting blank variations:

  • I need a 
  • I need my
  • I need

Where to Use I Need Printable Cards

If you are wanting to implement these cards at home with your child, here’s one example:

If your child is having a difficult time with a task or staying on task, then you’ll want to offer them a time for a break. If they are already following a visual schedule, you can block in a set break time for them so they can start to anticipate when their break will happen.

However, if they need to take a break sooner, they can indicate this with the “I need a break” card. 

Some autistic children will take to this easily and with others, it may require more repetition. But, once that comes together, the end results are amazing. You are giving your child control over the situation and helping them take control of their time and their environment. 

Download Your Set of I Need Printable Cards

If your child needs some help communicating their needs, these printable I Need cards are for you!

You can get your set of these free printable using the sign-up box below:


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