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Are you struggling to understand why your autistic child does certain things? Drowning in a sea of information that is overloaded with medical jargon? Just want to get to the root of the problem so you can have a meaningful relationship with your autistic child?

If this sounds like you:

  • Overwhelmed by the information
  • Struggling to understand
  • Confused by the behaviors

I know how that feels…

here’s my story

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When my autistic daughter was younger, the information that was out there was generally meant for professionals (doctors, psychologists, therapists, etc.) and there was a lack of information for parents.

I often wondered why she did certain things, or what was causing certain things. I questioned the process of things like ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) and whether or not it was really effective. I started to wonder if her behaviors would completely interfere with us having a relationship.

I always felt that once I understood why she was doing certain things, I could figure out how I could best help. And that meant helping her, helping myself, and helping those around us. It meant finding solutions to use at home and changing up our environment to better support her.

Ultimately, these were all small steps that lead to BIG results. My relationship with my daughter is thriving and I attribute this to what I’ve been able to learn and implement.

Now? I want to share that process with you.

Introducing: demystifying behavior


Demystifying Behavior is the result of my 15+ years of research, personal experience, and everyday parenting practices to help parents of children on the autism spectrum to understand behaviors.  

When my daughter was diagnosed, I struggled to find the resources to best help me and to best help her. Now, I find myself in the position to help ease some of that stress and struggle for parents just like you.  In addition to the course, you are also receiving my Behavior Management Bundle and a private support community. 

This course was created by a parent for parents.

Not a parent?

If you work with families in any capacity, this course will still be useful.


How the Course Works

When you purchase this course, in founder’s mode, you are receiving advanced access. This course is still in the process of being created so you will be able to access the modules as they are released. Currently, there are two modules (and an introduction module) while the remaining modules will be released weekly.

As a founding member, you are locking in a deeply discounted price and lifetime access to the course.

In return, I would need your honest feedback so I can continue to develop and fine-tune the course for you and for future students.

Together? We are really going to change lives.


Course modules

Module 1: Understanding Behavior

Lay the foundation by looking at the purpose and function of behaviors.

Module 2: Looking Behind the Behaviors

Build on the knowledge you’ve just learned and take a further look at what’s going behind behaviors.

Module 3: Understanding the Triggers Behind Behaviors

Continue to build on this essential knowledge as we begin to understand the triggers behind behaviors.

Module 4: Interpreting the Communication Behind Behaviors

Now that we understand the function and purpose, let’s take a look at the heart of behavior: communication.

Module 5: Behavior Strategies for Parents and Caregivers

With this understanding of behaviors, we can now begin to develop strategies to help you and your family.

Module 6: Calming Strategies for Meltdowns

 If that behavior has escalated to a meltdown, let’s talk about developing calming strategies (both for your and your child).

Module 7: Managing a Crisis Situation

If you should find yourself in a crisis situation, let’s talk about your crisis plan and managing a crisis across several situations.

Module 8: Managing Behaviors By the Years

Now, let’s talk about how behavior changes over the years and how to troubleshoot certain age groups.

Additional bonus modules are added as needed and will unlock as you progress through the course. And you are also getting My Behavior Management Bundle.

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Meet the course creator

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I’m a mom of two adult children with special needs including a non-verbal autistic daughter. Based on the struggles and difficulties that I encountered when she was younger, I have now made it part of my life’s work to create and provide resources for families who are now facing similar struggles.