I’m Okay. It’s Okay

I’m Going to Be Okay  

I’m not okay. It’s not okay. I’m not going to be okay.
  • asterisk After my daughter’s autism diagnosis, I was a mess!
  • asteriskI was overwhelmed, stressed out, and angry.
  • asteriskI needed help and I needed coping skills.

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“It’s a short read, so parents will probably be able to finish it in one sitting. 🙂 She talks about things which are absolutely true. This is great for someone who is just about to hear the news, or is sensing that something isn’t quite right. These are all things that bounce in the back of your mind, a little too late. The shoulda coulda woulda type stuff. I recommend reading and obliging her advice. It’s the same advice I’d give anyone who was where I’ve been for the past 2 years..”

Lisa – “Short and sweet and accurate”

In The Book, You Will Discover:



The heart of this short book is to develop coping skills. These skills are meant to be long-term strategies developed in both short and long term spurts.


What else?

When the accompanying workbook is available, you’ll learn how to build on your existing coping skills and adapt them for every stage.



An eCourse is coming for all buyers of the book! Whether you purchase this in Kindle or Paperback or PDF format.


Join the Community

For additional and ongoing support and help, the author is available to you. Be it through email, a Facebook group or 1:1 sessions- I want to help.

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About the Author: Kori C. Tomelden

I’m a work at home mom looking to build up my online business empire. At the heart and center is my blog, Kori at Home where I seek to encourage, empower, nurture, and support overwhelmed moms. With three children of my own (two with special needs), I draw from personal experiences and past work experience as a former assistant PreK teacher. I had once desired to pursue a career in Developmental Psychology or Communications, but when I was drawn into the world of blogging; I began to realize that I could accomplish my goals and purpose online. I also realized that I could reach more people while still being able to cultivate relationships locally if I so desired. My goals and path remain mostly the same: to nurture and encourage overwhelmed moms. To accomplish this, I continue to write for my blog, plan future books and eBooks, and obtain certifications in related coach training.When I’m not working on an aspect of my business, I enjoy spending time with my family, singing with my church choir, watching Jeopardy, historical documentaries, and crime documentaries.

I’m Okay. It’s Okay. I’m Going to Be Okay

What’s the price of your stress?

I’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on self-help and self-improvement books and resources. Every last penny has been worth it and I would buy things again if I needed to. Still, I understand that money can be tight.

That’s why this book, in paperback format, is only $5.99 and includes the Kindle matchbook for FREE. 

Why Wait?Get the book now (from Amazon):


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