Little boy sitting under Christmas tree and crying

Are you ready to trade in your regular, every-day meltdowns for fancy holiday meltdowns?

If your answer was no? I can’t blame you.

The holidays, while joyful for many, can be an absolute nightmare for autistic children.

  • Routines are thrown off
  • Sensory overload abound
  • Strange people
  • Long car trips

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Unhappy girl crying near christmas tree, dressed in red and santa hat

We haven’t even begun to discuss how you’re handling this…

The holidays with my autistic daughter are minimal celebrations. She gets overwhelmed with all of the goings on, we stopped seeing Santa Claus when she turned 10, and attended a total of two Midnight Mass services.

The holidays are disruptive.

The holidays are chaotic.

The holidays sucked.

Thinking girl touching her face with pensive expression on it while looking at heap of colorful presents

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

You can have your happy holiday AND enjoy it too.

You can have that Christmas celebration that will WOW your family without overwhelming your autistic child.

You can have it all.

But how do I know?

Because I did it too.


Calming the Holiday Meltdowns

Introducing: Calming the Holiday Meltdowns.- a special Holiday BONUS for the Autism Behavior Blueprint!

Four Workshops:

  • Calming Strategies During a Meltdown (available now!)
  • Behavior Strategies for Parents (available now!)
  • Behavior Strategies for Meltdowns (available now!)
  • Creating Holiday Routines (Coming 12/5)

Total value: $180

Four Printable Bundles:

  • Behavior Management Bundle (available now!)
  • Complete Visual Schedule System (available now!)
  • Holiday Social Stories Pack (Coming 12/12)
  • Holiday Visual Schedule Pack (Coming 12/12)

Total value: $50

The Autism Behavior Blueprint is the result of my 15+ years of research, personal experience, and everyday parenting practices to help parents of children on the autism spectrum to understand behaviors.

When my daughter was diagnosed, I struggled to find the resources to best help me and to best help her. Now, I find myself in the position to help ease some of that stress and struggle for parents just like you.  In addition to the course, you are also receiving my Behavior Management Bundle and a private support community.

This course was created by a parent for parents.

Not a parent?

If you work with families in any capacity, this course will still be useful.

How the Course Works

  • Module 1: Understanding Behavior
  • Lay the foundation by looking at the purpose and function of behaviors.
  • Module 2: Looking Behind the Behaviors
  • Build on the knowledge you’ve just learned and take a further look at what’s going behind behaviors.
  • Module 3: Understanding the Triggers Behind Behaviors
  • Continue to build on this essential knowledge as we begin to understand the triggers behind behaviors.
  • Module 4: Interpreting the Communication Behind Behaviors
  • Now that we understand the function and purpose, let’s take a look at the heart of behavior: communication.
  • Module 5: Behavior Strategies for Parents and Caregivers
  • With this understanding of behaviors, we can now begin to develop strategies to help you and your family.

You are also going to receive a custom plan, or blueprint, for how to manage your child’s behaviors on a day-to-day basis. This plan is designed to help carry you through the most difficult times and to find the joy in the everyday.

The custom plan is the heart and soul of the Autism Behavior Blueprint and it is NOT available for purchase outside of the course.

You get instant access to the Autism Behavior Blueprint and the opportunity to book your call to create your custom plan.

The Autism Behavior Blueprint, along with the Autism Diagnosis Blueprint and the Autism Advocacy Blueprint; were designed to give you the foundation you need to parent with confidence.

BUY NOW – $25

And these additional workshops:


  • Creating a Morning Routine That Works ($45 value – available now!)
  • Sleep Strategies for Parents ($45 value – available now!)

But this just isn’t for the holidays…

That’s  $90 in bonuses alone ON TOP of the incredible value of the Autism Behavior Blueprint AND the custom behavior plan! And you’ll have lifetime access to this- which includes ALL future updates.

And, I’ll let you in a little secret: all of the bonus workshops AND three of the listed workshops? Use those year-round to handle meltdowns.

So, not only are you getting my holiday stress relief & holiday meltdown strategy? But, you’re also getting my go-to methods for creating a functional morning routine, sleep strategies, and meltdown strategies.

All together (the bonus workshops & the Holiday Meltdown Workshop) this is a $140 value. The price of the Autism Behavior Blueprint is $97.

If you were to buy these things separately, you’d pay $417.

Ready to join?


Not a parent?

If you are a respite worker, social worker, teacher, etc. Anyone who works with families of autistic children? You can buy access to this special package and then distribute it to your families. Just let me know after you purchase and we will get something situated just for you.